What Features Should A Good Hunting Shoe Have

Hunting Shoe

During a hunting adventure, one of Your Gear that is often not given due importance is your hunting boots. Finding the right hunting boots is the first step towards a comfortable and safe session. www.gearjunkie.com has listed out many hunting boots, but the differentiator among them is the quality of materials used and the way the shoe is constructed.

While looking to purchase a hunting boot, look for a reliable one which is high on comfort and is extremely durable. A good pair of hunting shoes should have the following properties:
· Insulation
· Water-resistance
· Breathability
· Fit

Insulation: This aspect is what gives warmth to your feet during harsh weather. The insulation needed is dependent on the terrain and the level of activity you plan to undertake. If you are out on an extreme hunting adventure, less insulation is required, but if you are out for a short walk in the wild, then your boot will need greater insulation. Low temperatures warrant more insulation than mild temperatures.

Commonly available insulation levels are:
0 to 200gms: Mild heat or high-intensity activity
400 to 800gms: Spring season
More than 1000gms: Winter season

Fit: When you are looking for a pair of hunting shoes, it is important to wear socks that you will be wearing for the hunting session. If you wear a sock that is different from the one you will be wearing while hunting, you are more likely to get a size which will be a size smaller or bigger.

Breathability: The hunting boots that you buy should be breathable, i.e., the air circulation in the shoes should be good in the shoes. If there is no proper ventilation in your shoes, your feet can get sweaty and become uncomfortable to wear. Also, a sweaty foot is unhygienic and lead to bad odor emanating from your boots.

Waterproof: Hunting boots should have a liner that protects your boots from water or moisture entering your shoes. Water Resistance or waterproofing of your hunting boots is essential especially if your terrain is wet or if there is a lot of moisture on the ground. Your boots should also be able to absorb the sweat too after any intense activity.

Categories of shoes:

Upland boots: It is designed for walking long distances. This shoe is lightweight and has a sole which can efficiently shed away soil.

Multipurpose boots: As the name suggests this can be used for a variety of activities. It can be utilized for an intense activity like hunting or mild walking. These shoes are highly durable, lasts long and provide the traction needed for use on various surfaces. They come in many levels of insulation which can be used all round the year.

Rubber boots: Rubber boots suits well for damp conditions. They are waterproof and are unscented.

In a nutshell look for hunting shoes which has the following properties

Shoes which provide comfort when used for long period
· Is waterproof
· Durable
· Provides enough traction
· Is not painful for your foot
· Proper fit
· Provides enough ventilation
· Enough insulation
· Light weight
· Good quality materials for shoe construction
Keep these points in mind while choosing the best hunting shoes.